Kidaru Indoor Playground and Learning Center

La Cumbre Plaza in Santa Barbara, CA
(805) 682-7400 or

Open Play Daily - 9am to 6pm
Parents Night Out Fridays - 5pm to 9pm

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Did you know that pediatricians are now prescribing play?

American Academy of Pediatrics published a report in September 2018, which states: "Research demonstrates that developmentally appropriate play with parents and peers is a singular opportunity to promote the social-emotional, cognitive, language, and self-regulation skills that build executive function and a prosocial brain. Furthermore, play supports the formation of the safe, stable, and nurturing relationships with all caregivers that children need to thrive."

At Kidaru, hours of active creative imaginative play are guaranteed!

Over 5,000 square feet of open play space designed for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers (ages 0 to 6)
All day admission (play for a while, leave for lunch/nap, come back and keep playing)
A safe, welcoming, stress-free environment for children and caregivers
Gross motor skills - ballpit, trampoline, slides, tunnels, ride-on cars, rockers, balls, lots of room to run around
Fine motor skills - puzzles, coloring books, a train table, play kitchen and more
Enrichment - Kindermusik, Kids Yoga, Science Explorers weekly classes
Parent Education and Support - Parenting Seminars, Workshops, Parent Groups, Coaching
Stress-free Birthday Parties for Babies, Toddlers and Preschoolers and weekly Parents Nights Out