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Free Parenting Seminars

To support parents on their parenting journey we are partnering with local experts in a variety of fields to share their knowledge with parents and caregivers in our community. In the fall of 2019 this event will be held on Thursday nights at Kidaru Playcenter at La Cumbre Plaza.

Come at 6:15pm to socialize and enjoy refreshments. The program will start promptly at 6:30pm. This event is for adults. It is held after business hours and our play area will be closed at this time.

Our first seminar this fall is on Pediatric Digestive Health and will be three-part series held on October 17, November 14 and December 12Dr. Alioto will address what YOU NEED TO KNOW about gut health and how to manage symptoms.

  • Why do we need a healthy gut for a healthy life?
  • What is the microbiome?
  • What do I do when my child gets constipated or has diarrhea?
  • Why is my child’s gut health compromised?
  • How can I rebalance my child’s imbalanced gut?
  • What simple ways can you heal your child’s gut health and immune system?

Also this fall we are holding a 2-part interactive seminar on "Taming the Tantrums: Shifting from Power Struggles to Enjoyment" with PCI certified Parent Coach Claire Cetti. This event will take place on October 24th and November 7th.

  • Are you concerned about how to help your child manage their behavior?
  • Are you struggling with handling your toddler's frequent meltdowns?
  • Feeling like you are in survival mode just trying to make it through another day?

What you will learn in this seminar:

  • What is actually going on with our toddler and their behavior?
  • How to respond during these challenging moments that leave you feeling less frustrated and more confident?
  • Why mindful parenting is key to creating a peaceful home?
  • Tips to developing mindfulness in both you and your family

Previously Held Seminars:

Our March 2019 topic is "Setting Healthy Boundaries and Loving Limits." We will dive into tough questions: As parents, why do we need boundaries and limits for our kids? What does setting a boundary look like and how does it happen? What does holding a limit mean and why does it matter? And why is it so difficult to do? How do our parenting styles play a role in whether or not we are able to do both successfully with our kids and in our families?

In February 2019 our topic was "The Power of Love: Overcoming Power Struggles with Our Children." In this monthly conversation with Claire Cetti we gained insight into the underlying questions: What are the unhelpful patterns that keep us stuck in power struggles? Why punishments and rewards don't work? How to replace knee jerk reactions and yelling with communication and connection?

In January 2019 we discussed "Self-Care as Parents" and explored the importance of self-care, what it might look like for parents, and how to find the time.