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Upcoming Parenting Workshop

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"Mastering Boundaries and Limits:
Setting and Communicating Clear Boundaries with our Children and Families"

Intensive 3-hour workshop split into two sessions two weeks apart
In-depth conversation in small group environment
Two Thursdays - April 25 and May 9 from 6:30pm to 8pm
ADD - Spouse/Partner/Co-Parent
ADD - Childcare (per child, includes both sessions)

In this intensive 3-hour workshop split into two sessions two weeks apart Claire Cetti, PCI Certified Parent Coach®, will create and facilitate an in-depth personal conversation and a learning experience on effectively setting firm yet loving boundaries and getting kids to cooperate using lots of love, empathy and support.

  • We will understand what are boundaries, why boundaries are important, and what does it look like when they are being met.
  • We will learn how to hold the limit - staying the course through calm, connection and awareness.
  • We will understand 5 steps to building a solid foundation around boundaries and limits and what does that look like for us at this moment.
  • We will identify boundaries we are struggling with and choose which ones we want to work on over the break.
  • We will practice, review, and reinforce.
  • We will get support and encouragement from the group and see how this approach raises resilient, respectful, emotionally intelligent kids.

Transformation is a process that takes time and patience. In this workshop we will be diving deep into the DETAILS of our own ability to set boundaries and hold limits and coming to the understanding that it REALLY IS ALL ABOUT US (the parents).

Join us! Space is limited to keep the group small.

Monthly Parenting Seminars

To support parents on their parenting journey we also offer a free monthly parenting seminar facilitated by Claire Cetti, PCI Certified Parent Coach®. This event happens on 2nd Tuesday of every month. Come at 6:15pm to socialize and enjoy the refreshments. The program will start promptly at 6:30pm. This event is for Parents Only. Unfortunately our play area will be closed at this time.

Our March topic is "Setting Healthy Boundaries and Loving Limits." We will dive into tough questions: As parents, why do we need boundaries and limits for our kids? What does setting a boundary look like and how does it happen? What does holding a limit mean and why does it matter? And why is it so difficult to do? How do our parenting styles play a role in whether or not we are able to do both successfully with our kids and in our families?

In February our topic was "The Power of Love: Overcoming Power Struggles with Our Children." In this monthly conversation with Claire Cetti we gained insight into the underlying questions: What are the unhelpful patterns that keep us stuck in power struggles? Why punishments and rewards don't work? How to replace knee jerk reactions and yelling with communication and connection?

In January we discussed "Self-Care as Parents" and explored the importance of self-care, what it might look like for parents, and how to find the time.